Pazar, Mayıs 13, 2007

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

Yeni Interpol albümü 22 temmuzda yayınlanıyormuş. Ben pek sevmiyorum."the heinrich maneuver" da sıradan geldi. Neyse. Şarkı listesi;

01. pioneer to the falls
02. no i in threesome
03. the scale
the heinrich maneuver
05. mammoth
06. pace is the trick
07. all fired up
08. rest my chemistry
09. who do you think
10. wrecking ball
11. the lighthouse

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Adsız dedi ki...

Now this is collaboration that we didn't see coming. The Scottish rockers Sons & Daughters have joined forces with the former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler on their upcoming new album. The follow-up to their insanely good The Repulsion Box was originally scheduled to drop in '06, but will now hopefully hit stores at some point this summer.

Vocalist Scott Paterson did admit that Butler was an odd choice for producers. In a recent interview on NME, he added: "...I was a big fan of his playing on the first Suede record, and I learned to play guitar along to people like him and Johnny Marr. He really knows his stuff in the studio and he's a great musician as well. He's definitely given a lot more feedback on the songs - it's like working with an old-school producer in the Phil Spector sense, where they take stuff and advise on direction or arrangements."

By bringing Butler on board, it should be pretty safe to assume that the sound of the new album will be somewhat different that what we're used to from Sons & Daughters. Paterson agreed, saying: "It's sounding quite different to our usual style now, though, I don't think it's going to be quite what people are expecting. That's cool, that's what we want."

serdarcharliebrown dedi ki...

bernard'ın myspace'inde şarkıları vardı;)hala var mı acaba? bakamıcam şimdi. uykum var.

cloudyberry dedi ki...

bandwidth exceeded avcısı burcu.
bi dinleyemedim şu şarkıyı başka blogda rastlamak ümidiyle.

mr.hermitiowitch dedi ki...

interpol'un yine siradan bir is cikardagina dair yorumuna yuzde yuz katiliyorum. aynisini ben de dedim.